Bitcoin Block Size Debate

15/09/2019  · There was some mild debate around block sizes at that time, but the issue became increasingly pressing over the next five years as Bitcoin’s transaction volume began to climb. At one point, the Bitcoin community planned to increase block size limits to 2MB via a hard fork in August 2017, but this hard fork was eventually cancelled.

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Bitcoin Q&A: Scaling and the block size debateAnnual report from Bitcoin SV’s The Bitcoin Association, claims BSV now rivals VISA for transactions per second, and offers.

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26/04/2019  · The crypto-community is looking forward to Bitcoin [BTC] reaching its glory days as expectations of a bull run strengthen. However, there is an ongoing conversation among Bitcoiners about the block size of the coin. Twitter user, @CobraBitcoin, Co-owner of and, shed some light on this issue by talking about.

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10/07/2019  · Recently, Bitcoin users discovered that many 2 MB blocks were showing up as a result of SegWit adoption and a resulting increase in block capacity. Throughput on the Bitcoin network went from three transactions per second to seven transactions per second for these select blocks. As the block size debate.