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What is surprising is the attempt of author-columnist Shobhaa De to cash in on the lockdown forced by the coronavirus pandemic and whose slow lifting is causing more pain than it was when first.

One will note that Marie, like so many medieval authors who translate from Latin into the vernacular, speaks of her source as 'li livre' without mentioning the name .

In this introductory part, all three authors are represented. The prologue and epilogue, here gathered in one volume, are co-authored. Chapter I.2, on the study of.

Instructions for authors. Brief Reports. Brief Reports (previously called Research Notes) include single-finding papers that can be reported with one or two.

All references in the text and notes must be specified by the authors' last names and date of publication together with page numbers for direct quotations from.

For example, research notes can present new empirical evaluations of.

Prospective authors can either submit the entire manuscript for review or they can .

In stories about growing up as a Black queer teen or manifestos for Black feminists, the below list of books is primarily.

To keep that connection strong, in other words, you actually do need to show some tenderness toward the closest person in your life. In general, being compassionate means that you are sensitive to.

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Authors from other universities and scientific institutions inside and outside Egypt are also welcome. ZUMJ is a.

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